Highly efficient
grain production

Our Specialisation

Agricultural base,
with an area of 36 ths m2


Cultivation on high
quality black earth


Experienced Polish
managing staff

Our team


The whole agricultural production of the Company takes place on high-quality Ukrainian black-earths with great yield potential located in a demanding moderate climate, which is suitable for cultivating such crops as wheat, corn, sunflower, and soy.


Within the first year of its operation, the Company was focused on cultivating more advanced plants, including rape, barley, cabbage, onion, carrot, and beets.


However, as the Company grew and developed, its operation profile was changed accordingly in order to offer properly diverse product selection, adjust to local weather conditions, and make the Company relatively independent of economic circumstances.


Nowadays, the Company has ceased to plant vegetables and opted for clearly defined crop production, including wheat, corn, sunflower, and soy. We are also planning to introduce seed production. 



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